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Value-added services (VAS) are considered as the bulk of revenue for Mobile operators. When well designed, VAS are imperative profit-generation tools that spur the subscriber to use their phone more and allow the operator to increase their ARPU (Average Revenue Per User/Unit). VAS services are today one the major tools for a mobile operator to Increasing the revenue and Attracting new subscribers.

Mobaya has developed the richest lineup of VAS solutions in the market, and has been a forerunner in their implementation in networks worldwide. What differentiates our product line is its unmatched personalization and user-friendliness, making it easy for operators to create services to specific target segment completely adapted to the existing network infrastructures.

Our success resides in 4 main concepts:

Our Main Services


MobaCHAT is considered as one of the leading interactive Mobile Chatting services with the ability to provide your future chat community to be inter linked with other DardaCHAT communities either locally or internationally with other GSM or CDMA operators. It is a messaging service that is currently deployed in three languages Arabic, English and French. The multi lingual feature provides an advantage, notably its ability to be deployed in any country around the world. From the end user side, the service has a set of commands, categorised into five sections, covering all necessary means to best benefit in both the amusement and control sides find out more...



Wessal is a mobile support & customer care tool, providing any business owner in a user-friendly way to communicate, advertise and interact with his customers base find out more...